Just be

Open your soul to senses, taste the color you emit, listen to the trees branches, feel each sound through spirit. Each leafs a story to tell and winds a sight to see. Nature knows all too well, greater is He that is in me. Have you ever lye upon the ground and whispered with the grass and listened for the sound of heaven speaking back? We’ve all heard the sparrow crow but have you ever asked him why. Don’t you want to know what truth lies beneath his cry? Haven’t you witnessed a stream and how it steady flows? No thought to where it comes from, no worries where it goes? Isn’t each creature blessed with food to eat and and a place to sleep? Take note! How much more are we? Does a plant that swindles not grow back in due season? Close your eyes and breathe in! Can’t you feel the silence and peace that comes with reason? His will be done, over which we have no control. Let go of false belief that we have any say in what happens to our souls. To feel the strength of life is to lose all pride and abide satisfied. We were all created just to be. Enjoy what life he’s given you, only then will you be free. Like the everblooming field of flowers that spread atop the valleys.


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