My heart grows wearyTo think on

the sins you carried

The burdens heavy

Worn upon your shoulders

forgiveness penetrated

Your hands your feet

I think of life and weep

The evil we reap

What words with which

We chose to speak

Each denial and defense;

The stripes torn through

Your undeserving skin

Your Scars remain

to save our soul

As we curse your name

Oh the tears I cry

In joy and shame

Accepting your torture

As the road to my glory

I forgive myself

As I waken from a life of fury

And as my eye begins to open

I see with light

What once was broken

And It all makes sense 

It is I, like yourself;

Our God himself

Who has the power

To change to save and heal

So Close your eyes 

and open but one

And all at once 

a life of death and sin

Is now undone

You will shine as the divine

For He is the branch

And we the vine

Let go of earthly pleasures

And cling to all that’s pure

And you will find

A joy like no other

A pleasure without measure

A peace without darkness

All that is and ever was

We will comprehend

Fore He; We

Are the beginning and the end

But for now my heart aches

So many souls fallen a slumber

It pains my soul

What large a number

For you have given the greatest of gifts

That most can’t even fathom 

Or have chosen not to accept

Sorrow and anger reside within

Why have we not chosen you

When you have been our only friend
My candle bright

While it shines it’s light

It’s wax still melts 

and drowns Itself

As these tears upon my skin


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