Your touch; a burning flame

All the same

I lean into it’s scorching pain

A delight from which I can’t refrain

Your gaze; a sea of endless waves

Without hesitation I dive in

Submerged, drowning, and in a daze

Yet still in awe and completely amazed 

Your soul; impenetrable 

Impending death

Still I inch closer with each step

It grasps my heart so tightly

I have to fight for each breath

I excite to see what’s next

Your love; the sharpened sword to which I cling

Pressing into my chest

Yet no matter my strength

It never cuts past the flesh.

Begging to bleed I pull myself under

And though I long for something so far a slumber 

Here I remain

All my energy focused and drained

On this unrewarding pleasurous gain. 



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