I wanted to lift my weight,

But was working against gravity;

Too heavy I felt upon His shoulders,

As He braved the hill of Calvary 

Splintering His already broken skin,

I cried to cause Him trouble

Yet to save a world from sin

He gripped my bark

And continued in His struggle 

When we reached our destination

He dropped me to His side

As they nailed Him to my unworthy remains

Together we cried.

I pleaded to take all His pain.

To absorb the blood that He wore

He denied my right to do so

As it was His role to redeem the world

So instead I held Him high on that hill

As He was spited and shamed 

And when His soul lifted

I suddenly felt the weight of His lifeless body remain

Yet since He had carried me

Surely I could do the same

But instead I dissolved into the earth

My soul had seen it all

For into every living thing I was birthed

I was omniscient, I was God

Though I may have started as a mere seed

I broke free of the blind eyes shackles

He died and I received eternity

Forever I would carry thee

My savior, it’s no hassle 


2 thoughts on “omniscient 

  1. I cried

    Did I read the letter I wrote to my professor. Because that poem is my letter. Only in a Rhime. If I did not read you my letter

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