You’ve heard the expression time heals all wounds haven’t you? It’s quite popular. After a break up your friend might say “just give it some time, you’ll be alright”, or if someone passes away you might hear “it’ll get easier with time”. I tend to disagree. I’m not a pessimist. I simply have a different view on time.

Say you break a bone or get a bad cut, sure your bones will mend and your skin will heal but is time the determining factor or is it your bodies amazing ability to recreate and reproduce itself.

Think about it. What is time but merely a measurement. A measurement of space between events or emotions. A measurement for differences. In a life that is eternal, what is time at all?

Does TIME heal all things? Maybe the real question here is what event or verb in time can heal all things, if any.

Time does not heal wounds, it is action that heals, it is God that heals; it’s movement, it’s being, it’s life.

Time is nonexistent. Nothing but a term given in an attempt to help describe space and length in a world that is truly unmeasurable.


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hi! You have a point here. You also might be interested in knowing that Indic religions believe that time is non-linear, rather cyclical, so what we traditionally understand and measure time by, may not actually be so…too esoteric a concept for me, but that’s what it is.

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